SZNUP2105LT1G: Overview, Features, and Applications

The SZNUP2105LT1G is a dual series Schottky barrier diode with a common cathode. Manufactured by ON Semiconductor, it's designed for applications requiring high-current handling and low voltage drop. Here's an overview of its features and common applications:


  • Type: Dual Schottky Barrier Diode with Common Cathode
  • Package: SOD-123
  • Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor



  1. Dual Diodes with a Common Cathode: The SZNUP2105LT1G integrates two diodes in a single package with a common cathode, providing space efficiency and simplified circuit design.

  2. Low Forward Voltage Drop: It offers a low forward voltage drop, making it suitable for efficient rectification in high-current applications with minimal power loss.

  3. Fast Switching: Known for its fast switching characteristics, it is suitable for high-speed switching applications.

  4. Reverse Voltage Protection: The diode can be used to protect sensitive components from reverse voltage or reverse current.

  5. High Current Capability: It is capable of handling relatively high currents, making it useful in power applications.

  6. Surface Mount Package: The SOD-123 package allows for easy integration into printed circuit boards, making it suitable for modern electronics manufacturing.


  1. Power Supplies and Voltage Regulation: The SZNUP2105LT1G is commonly used in power supply and voltage regulation circuits due to its low forward voltage drop and high-current capabilities.

  2. High-Frequency applications: It is suitable for high-frequency rectification, especially in RF and microwave circuits.

  3. Reverse Polarity Protection: It can be used to protect electronics from damage due to reverse polarity connections.

  4. DC-DC Converters: The diode can be utilized in DC-DC converter applications where high efficiency and fast response times are necessary.

  5. Clamping and Protection Circuits: It can be used for voltage clamping and transient voltage suppression in various circuits to protect sensitive components from voltage spikes or ESD events.

  6. Motor Control Circuits: It is used in freewheeling diode applications in various motor control and switching circuits.

  7. Battery Charging and Protection: Due to its low voltage drop and fast switching characteristics, it is used in battery charging circuits, as well as in protection circuits to prevent reverse current flow.

The SZNUP2105LT1G Schottky diode is widely used in power electronics, voltage regulation, and protection circuits, especially where high current capacity and low forward voltage drop are critical.

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